Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baidu: what means to keep my youth

Baidu If you can not create new profit growth point, not only consolidate the existing market is very difficult, and the stock rebounded hard, the stock will continue to decline.

August 8 last year, Baidu shares officially listed on NASDAQ in the United States, the issue price of 27 dollars, the same day to close at 122.54 U.S. dollars, up 354%, once reached 153.98 U.S. dollars, or nearly five years, the U.S. stock market hit a record high.

Not yet reached one year, while Baidu shares fell to the current 58 U.S. dollars, the U.S. analysts also found that Baidu's share price was still more than the true value. In other words, Baidu stock bubble will continue to shrink.

Baidu shares down prices, strictly speaking, is misleading the U.S. analysts. Baidu was listed, along with U.S. investors, analysts stir that caught a big fish like Google, many speculators that Baidu might become Asia's Google, then compete to buy, the Baidu shares talked up.

But in fact, Baidu does not mean Google, Chinese search of cheese can not be pocketed as Baidu.

Baidu to make money mainly by PPC. Despite this absence of positive recognition Robin Li, Baidu Internet to promote the fact is that more than 90% of total revenue, while the network is to promote the major PPC. At the same time, he admitted, PPC profit model that can be said that there is no patent in China, to protect, we can copy.

Yes, Google can do, Yahoo can do even better than Baidu. One tree is difficult to support the building, PPC forever why Baidu's youth?

In fact, the U.S. investors wake up soon, after market, Baidu stock all the way down, and within a week fell below 100 U.S. dollars mark. Baidu investors have already lost their enthusiasm.

On the other hand, the Chinese search market, increasing competition, Google and Yahoo comprehensive challenge to Baidu, a Chinese search company to increase investment, Baidu's profits if they can not create new growth points, not only consolidate the existing market is very difficult and the stock rebounded hard, the stock will continue to decline. China's Internet market is maturing, small and medium enterprises for the understanding and awareness of search products, but also to further deepen, Google last year, 95% of revenues from advertising, mostly small and medium enterprises from more than 100 million keyword ads. In Hong Zhou? T appears that Baidu, compared with Google, the first advantage of no capital, no brand second, third no technical advantage, even in the Chinese context. In fact, the Chinese do have very good Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google as long as the localization, local companies would not have much in the search field advantage.

Original, Google in the absence into the Chinese market, it already accounts for a significant share of 12 April, Google Global Chinese name "Google" in Beijing grand release, Google has been targeting the third generation of search engines, through innovative technology, to Chinese users worldwide to provide faster, more simple search. It is believed, Google put the server into the territory of China, the search speed and as fast as Baidu, capture the richness of Chinese language web page, freshness, timeliness will be better than Baidu.

In the Chinese market, Goolge will be confronted with Baidu, one pioneer, one imitator, Baidu, how much chance of winning?

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ministry of Information Industry, Dalian today on the AVS will determine the acceptance of IPTV comm

Sina Technology News October 9 news source disclosed that Ministry of Information Industry made today will be in Dalian on AVS audio and video codec technology demonstration at the IPTV application system on the acceptance, if acceptance is likely to be truly comprehensive start Netcom Internet use AVS in its IPTV standard, China Telecom will also follow up.

Dalian pilot began to acceptance

AVS Since China has independent intellectual property rights, foreign standards to avoid the substantial royalties has been great concern.

It is reported that Vice Minister of Ministry of Information Industry Lou Qinjian personally participate in the inspection. Dalian, China Netcom's AVS-IPTV deployment of a demonstration system built in the beginning of this year, has been stable for more than half a year to run, well prepared for the acceptance, estimated by inspection no problem.

Currently, AVS industry chain has been established, many well-known companies have been involved. According to reports, the current AVS encoder chain has three companies: joint source, SVA, Envivo (United States); have Spreadtrum, Long grain and the United States and other chip makers Broadcom; another Changhong, Hisense, ZTE, UT Starcom , Chaoge, Long Jing, SVA, Yau TV, Huawei, TCL, Spreadtrum offers terminal manufacturers such as more than 10; AVS provider with Agilent and other test instruments. However, participation is not clear concrete manufacturers in Dalian pilot what.

銆??鐭ユ儏浜哄+琛ㄧず锛岀綉閫氬凡鏄庣‘锛屽皢鍏ㄩ儴閲囩敤AVS鏍囧噯杩涜IPTV鐨勯儴缃插伐浣滐紝濡傛灉澶ц繛璇曠偣楠屾敹鍚堟牸锛岄櫎鏈潵IPTV鏍囧噯灏嗚偗瀹氶噰鐢ˋVS锛岄櫎鍝堝皵婊ㄥ锛屽叾浣欏湴鍖虹殑IPTV绯荤粺涔熷皢鍗囩骇鑷矨VS銆?Previously, Netcom IPTV system has made it clear when tender, all the system equipment are required in the future be able to upgrade to AVS.


The next step will be used for security monitoring


銆??鎹倝锛孉VS宸茬粡鍦ㄧ敵鎶ュ悎瀹夐槻鐩戞帶鏂归潰鐨勫浗瀹舵爣鍑嗐? Specific situation is that by the AVS Working Group Secretariat, security alarm system with the National Standardization Technical Committee of serious discussion, and other units from the Ministry of Public Security led by the Institute made the first video surveillance needs, AVS working group has begun to develop appropriate standards for security monitoring needs of AVS and security alarm systems in the country Standardization Technical Committee and the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee's support of the declaration of national standards. (Yin Dao)


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Friday, October 8, 2010

Younger's Quickstep

Scale has passed, completing the vertical structure of the Younger chain, is trying to speed up the linkage between upstream and downstream of the "dance"

In Asia's largest garment production base Younger, one of China's garment industry, "Elephant." The China National Commercial Information Center recently announced the first national brand apparel market ranking, Youngor to more than 10% of the market share of tied for first place comprehensive.

A notable fact is that in the past few years, Younger in the initial fabric, garment manufacturing and trade sales of the three links have dropped more than 500 million yuan respectively, the huge amounts of money, thus starting a large-scale structure vertical industrial chain. Apparel industry analysts generally believe that this is "Younger" shirt for 9 consecutive years won the national market share of the first comprehensive, suits are atop the main reason for 3 consecutive years.

However, substantial benefits in exchange for large-scale production has passed, when overcapacity, the market's balance gradually tilted to the buyer, the real decisive factor is the time, the product needs to be in the right time to enter the market. For the Younger, the upstream and downstream in the use of capital controls, but also had to face the test of ability to control the supply chain.

How to expand the scale at the same time, enhance the responsiveness of the supply chain? Today, the Younger this "elephant" are trying to speed up the linkage between upstream and downstream of the "dance."

River water

Big or do fine? In business management areas, it seems forever. Material from upstream to retail end-all by yourself, so that clothing companies have only a handful in the world. Even the head of Li Rucheng Younger, also admits this "is walking a tightrope, risking a lot."

However, from another point of view, this risk is the choice of Younger had to do.

Like their counterparts in China, fabric production was also a weak link in Younger, because the gap between the quality of a considerable part of the high dependence on imported fabrics, this way, not only the purchase cost of natural high and a long cycle. "Younger fabrics every year about 56 billion procurement, of which 10% rely on imports." Younger logistics manager, said the Department of Chen Zhenglong, a suit part of the time spent on fabric sourcing needs 45 days, or nearly 2 months, the fabric in place, through the production of mining, to the finished product storage, a process that usually takes a month, the whole process about 3 months. "We can say that the procurement part of the smooth or not, to a large extent affect the progress of the whole process."

Controlled by others for not purchasing, select the tracing and the Younger to the upstream water.

October 2001, Younger and Japan, "strain" Huang Li washing plant joint venture, started his business clothes dyeing, washing, design, manufacturing, processing and other fields, declared the construction of the vertical chain project start; in June 2002, Younger spent 100 million U.S. dollars the city broke ground on construction of textile; in September 2003, the Japan-China textile printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. Ningbo Younger production, Younger involved in yarn dyeing, weaving, dyeing, finishing and production business, joint venture partners Nissin is one of Japan's largest textile finishing of textiles and clothing, one of the other joint venture partners Itochu holds a wealth of information and resources to downstream customers; a month later, the Younger should Accessories Industrial City Branch inaugurated in Ningbo industrial city gathered a group of manufacturing companies, for the Younger matching accessories to provide high quality products; in May 2004, Youngor and Itochu of Japan and Hong Kong City International Holdings Co., Ltd. established a joint venture in Ningbo Younger Wool Textile Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd., Youngor textile factory located in the city is expected to be completed by the end of equipment installation commissioning, which means, Younger will have its high-end wool dyeing and finishing of textile production base, its upstream industry chain and further extension.

With the power of foreign technology and capital, Younger is gradually upstream control. Youngor clothing company, according to Jordan Chan, at present, Youngor fabric used in the proportion of their production is still small, most of the outside procurement. Yarn-dyed shirts for example, about 30-40% of their production, only about 10 percent wool suit. "But even so, the procurement advantages are already evident." Jordan Chan said, compared with outside procurement, production process ourselves, as necessary, but the links in the fabric, after all, for some time.

Moreover, the Younger by intra-group transactions, successfully reduced the production cost of clothing, save a lot of financial costs, transaction costs and transportation costs. Myself textiles, Younger is not only able to control quality, keep up the market, but also the domestic fabrics market. "Although the fabric to bear the risks, but some of the logistics to reduce intermediate links. Such enterprise's own master, when to use what kind of fabric. Because of the upstream have to grasp, when the production of clothing in the course of something, the upstream can immediately respond. in response to changing market needs, we can strive for faster response. "Jordan Chan in the phrase.

Clenched channels

"The sales channels into their own hands, is the Younger to expand downstream industry chain apparel industry an important part." According to Li Rucheng ideas, today's Younger, not only manufacturers or distribution companies.

Currently, the labor advantage has always been based on the Chinese garment industry has entered a marginal profit. With the increasing circulation and opening up, the influx of international clothing brands have significantly narrow channels. Although the local garment enterprises in China has its own marketing system, marketing system, but in general small-scale level is not high, stability is not enough, control is not strong, the efficiency is low, reflected in the brand power and market expansion tension obviously not enough.

Younger Since 1995, the building sales channels, today, already have the largest marketing network of clothing. Layout from the marketing point of view, the self-Younger nearly 600 stores, nearly 700 franchise stores, and close ranks with the major shopping malls more than 1,100 sales terminals. In sharp contrast with domestic counterparts, in all implementation of the "franchise" and will sell clothing to the professional sales, the Younger in 1997 after it spent 11 million to buy a large number of shops, adhere to marketing channels firmly in their own hands.

This decision gave Younger bring a lot of victories. For example Younger main rival in China Shanshan Group, before and after 1998, gradually dissolved the previously established 35 distribution companies and replace them with brand-new franchise mode. But next time, Shanshangufen revenue and profit began to decline, but a matter of course to get the Firs Youngor give up their room for growth.

Younger's self-built networks, led the sales, the data show that more than 35% of current sales Younger benefit from its own marketing network construction. In addition, the marketing network has become an international fashion brand wants to use the target market. "This not only prevents domestic competitors 'aggressive', but also forced the international garment enterprises to see you. With the channel to control the exchange channel with their weight." The words from Jordan Chan is not difficult to find today's Younger , has its own channel as one of its core competencies.

However, with the risk and reward. Excessive self-built network, made of actual stock Younger increase, the maintenance of the network, building, then engulfs the large number of enterprises profits. Each seasonal backlog in the Younger in the suit store around the country, we should discount prices down to sell shirts. In 2001, the Younger on the accumulated backlog of only a shirt on the billions of dollars lost every year more than 100 million yuan. In the industry view, the sale of resources Youngor large but scattered, not formed between the network communication transparent, as long as this problem is not resolved, companies can not get rid of the extra load.

In 2002, Younger invested 10 million yuan Cooperation with Anderson Consulting, adjusted for the channel to begin restructuring its marketing network. Younger final decision is that by choosing different marketing mix, direct-to-market. In major cities, mainly to self channels, franchise and sales of supplement shopping. Through the existing network of more than 2,000 business integration, closing some small stores with poor profitability and franchises, to the elaboration of 1000-2000 square meters of building large stores, for which Li Rucheng also proposed to "build 500 flagship stores. " In addition, two, three markets, the appropriate dealer to find some co-operation.

Younger's intent is obvious. Hopes to build a large but not "stupid" network system, to avoid risks, to the maximum extent seize the market initiative. The end of 2003, Li Rucheng for the next 5 years, the marketing channel construction, approved a 50 billion yuan in the planning.

Transparent glass

Younger front becomes longer, forming a long vertical chain. But since 2000, with the Chinese clothing market shift from a seller to a buyer's market, the apparel industry as the volatility and cyclical companies, clothing companies are followed by large-scale manufacturing to mass customization, customized changes, Ya Gore breaking the chain faces growing risks.

Under normal circumstances, Younger ordering process is this: start with lower self-stores and franchises come calls orders, orders to production headquarters. However, from the preparation, production to distribution, a process often down nearly 3 months, this time changes in market demand and long sales season may be over. Improve the production and marketing rate, and improve responsiveness to market changes, has become the most prominent faces Youngor problem.

The logistics model has also led to a huge inventory, it also makes Younger overwhelmed. Chenzheng Long said: "production of goods sent to the completion of the company's logistics center, then our distribution, Yun to the Gegepeisong center Huo Quan Guo Pei-fat branch, or through third parties logistics Zhijie sent. In this process, each warehouse or logistics center will have a revolving inventory. That is, if only one goods, may order that a shipment of inventory to generate 3-5 times. "

Since 2002, Younger investment of nearly 100 million yuan, began to build an information platform, aims to complete the group of digital engineering and software design, and subsidiary to 161 logistics management information system construction and start 150 stores Digital Management Project. Younger hope that through this platform, will be scattered throughout the De Xu Qiu, Resource and Inventory data integrated with, the use of information Wangluo open up the apparel supply chain of Meiyihuanjie, then Tuidong 鏁?article supply chain integration.
Jordan Chan said: "This work consists of two parts. A walk down from the logistics of marketing system, to branch management system has to store the POS system. Another walk up to the production of the factory's ERP , to the fabric suppliers. Now we come to the factory at this stage is up, go smooth the upward to the fabric supplier. "He hoped that, after system integration can be done automatically generated replenishment proposals to raise the forecast program accuracy, so that the entire supply chain Youngor through by the positive demand-pull operation.

In the downstream, Younger marketing system has been running for some time. "For the market reaction speed consideration, we need to understand the market first-line product sales every day, so most end shops in the market information system construction is the most direct way." According to Jordan Chan introduced to the system on the terminal every day feedback some information, which is the basic unit shipments, sales, inventory numbers and value. In the headquarters, hand every day to do the latest statistics system data and analyze the formation of statements on the appropriate link to make adjustments. This allows the most accurate forecasts and coordination in the supply chain flexibility and speed to achieve maximum production and market changes in order to achieve the greatest degree of agreement between.

Chenzheng Long cited the following example: "in a transparent glass in order to know how much wine left, or else pouring again. We need to do now is to Younger are all made of transparent glass store, and through our network system to see how many stores where goods or not to continue to supply, for the number of goods. "
Jordan Chan to reporters about the Younger, a new business is being carried out: the city's flagship clothing store, customers can choose fabric through a computer, a suit for their custom. Attendants had customers in the amount of height, waist circumference, the first data entered into the computer, the system will send data to the Younger in the production workshop. Days, the factory will be semi-customized to the customers allowed to try on a suit sent to the store. "If not appropriate, can be modified."


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ACDSee make the World Cup with a slide

Just past the 2002 Football World Cup, must bring you to enjoy a happy, exciting game you watch, but also collect a lot of wonderful picture it! If they made a slide, leisure, released in the computer, there will be a different feeling. How, make a right! ACDSee provides a slide show screen saver generator FotoAngelo, use it as your favorite images, photos, create slideshows and screensavers, you can also add background music! Hehe, then we do it together.

STEP1 open FotoAngelo run ACDSee, choose one of your favorite pictures in the computer in the World Cup, and then click on the toolbar of the "Create" button in the tool bar will appear below the "wallpaper", "archive" and six buttons , there is a "FotoAngelo" button, it is a tool used to create slides, click it to enter the main interface FotoAngelo procedures.

Figure 1
STEP2 Select slide image click the "Select Source Folder" button to open the "Browse for folder" window, and then the computer used to create slides to find the folder where image material, click "OK" button to return to the main program interface FotoAngelo . Then in the "Select Image List" window shows the folder of all image files, when you click on an image file when, in the main program interface, the Central will display the image preview, if you think it is the middle of the preview a little small, then, you can click the "Show Images" button to enlarge the picture shown, that this picture is not bad? Click the "Add the selected image" button, the image file to "building image list" window, shown in Figure 1.

Figure 2
STEP3 adjust the image sequence at times, we slide a little bit dissatisfied with the showing of the order, it does not matter, you can adjust. Click the "image sequence" button in the pop up window you can see "Building the image list" in the files of all image thumbnails and picture material arranged in order, the order of if not satisfied, you can use the mouse to drag the thumbnail to the new location, shown in Figure 2, the completion of sorting, click "OK" button to return to the main interface FotoAngelo program.

Figure 3
STEP4 adjust the image attributes in the "building image list" window, select one or a group of image files, and then click the "Image Properties" button to enter the "Image Properties" window, select the "Slide Properties" tab, where you can make the image transition effects and background music settings, FotoAngelo support MID, MP3 and WAV music format of three, click the "Audio File Name" box after the "Choose File" button, from the computer selected a suitable background music file; then click " transitional type "drop-down list, FotoAngelo provide a random transition from left to right, from right to left, fly into a variety of images such as the transition mode, you can choose from a kind, shown in Figure 3.

Figure 4
Click the "Slide Text" tab, in the "text" box, enter the number of required text for slide show on the screen when, for example "2002 World Cup commemorative" lost a good and click "Select Font" button to Select an appropriate text font, and then to the right of "Text here", select "vertical" and "level" can, in Figure 4.

Click the "Default Properties" tab, where you can set the zoom the image, the system's default value is "default", if you want to modify, remove the "Use default settings" option, then you can reasonably set. You can also play on the playback time and the background image set, shown in Figure 5;

Figure 5
Satisfied? Click the "Start Preview" button, here you can see the actual playback. Complete files of all image material properties settings, click "OK" button to return to the main interface FotoAngelo program.

STEP5 set the slide properties You can select "Create a slide" or "Create a screen saver", if you choose to create slides, you can click the "Slideshow Properties" button, then set up the properties dialog box , where you can manually slide play, continuous play, the mouse is displayed and playback window size set; If you choose the latter, click the "Screen Saver Properties" button, also select "Create a screen saver file ( . scr) "or" create an executable installation package (. exe) ", choice is completed, click" OK "button in the main program interface return to the FotoAngelo.

Click Click FotoAngelo slide STEP6 create the main program interface, "preview" button, FotoAngelo will you make the screen saver file or slide show preview of the file, if satisfied, then you can save, and click "Create" button and selected Save the path and save the file file name, click the "Save" button, save the progress when the end, click "OK" button, a slide on the tournament completed by you, create your own, quick to see it!

The slide you can send to your friends to see Oh, the fans, it created an EXE file, to play, just double-click the file to.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adjust the animation in the size of Authorware

1. Matchmaking

With digital cinema icon or other tools in the flow line into a movie, then drag a display icon to the icon on the animation front, double-click the Display icon and the icon in the display window using the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle (Figure 1 ).

Figure 1 Flowchart

2. Diversionary

Just make a good running program, animation starts to play, while the window will display a rectangle. Then, Double click the rectangle, and so on around the rectangle appears when the control handle, and then mouse click animation pictures, animation will be selected in the animation control handles appear around the screen, the mouse pointer into a control handle on, drag the mouse, this animation will change the screen size (Figure 2).

Figure 2 to change the animation size

3. Burning bridges

Process display icon only play online role transition, then we have succeeded in adjusting the size of the animation picture, its mission is finished, it should be removed from the process line.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why is throwing money at very odd tiger VC Zhou Hongyi good "Fudge"?

Former Yahoo China president Zhou Hongyi doomed angel investor is a restless person. Coming out for the odd tiger 360 Technologies chairman of him again as a family suddenly start to the Computer Anti-Virus industry to subversive impact.

Zhou Hongyi told this reporter that the company's 360 security guards has officially launched version 6.0 of the technology model to subvert the market currently dominated two decades of stand-alone anti-virus software, and the "thank VC's optimistic and support, relying on VC have Injection abundant funds, we will continue to adhere to a free model of the product. "in March 2006, the formal establishment of less than 100 days from the odd tiger by Sequoia Capital, CDH Ventures, IDG, Matrix Partener several other top venture The 20 million U.S. dollars of investment. After an interval of 8 months, once again, Highland Capital odd tiger, red dot investment venture of several million U.S. dollars investment.

Thus, the odd tiger full access to around 5,000 million U.S. dollars financial support, there is, is promising a lot of VC Zhou Hongyi perseverance and ingenuity in the acting route. The past two years, odd tiger into the antivirus market, relying on its 360 security guards and anti-hooligan software free banner quickly occupied 200 000 000 2 user market.

"On the one hand, traditional virus signatures are required in the scanning and monitoring features of libraries to write computer memory, the greater the feature database, the system was dragged more slowly, feature base their download speeds are slower to upgrade, antivirus software with features carrying a shell like a turtle database, how to run fast? "said Zhou Hongyi," In addition, the Internet every second of the two new Trojans, feature base killing the engine, therefore find it hard to killing a new Trojan horse, and a large number of Trojan horse is After the so-called 'free to kill' tools for traditional anti-virus software does not recognize. "

Weeks to put forward a model of its new technology: "It abandoned the traditional anti-virus software" engine + features library "architecture, eliminating the local characteristics of the user's computer database, and server 360 safety data centers security of the world's largest cloud system. as long as the user access, you can real-time secure data center and cloud 5000 seamlessly integrates servers, using the latest Trojan library on your server computer scanning and killing. "

However, Zhou Hongyi the so-called "subversive" anti-virus technology model has also incurred other vendors, "bombarded." Recently, Kingsoft Internet Security company COO Wang Xingong Open Response: As early as two years ago, professional security firm to put the introduction of distributed computing security. The 360 odd tiger open to "the domestic first cloud killing the engine," and who is wrong. Internet security industry, blindly raise themselves, suppressing others, will only upset the market atmosphere.

Since the free, how to profit? Zhou Hongyi said in answer to question, although the money has been spent on 100 million and acquired 45 companies, but not too early to consider the revenue and profit model, the primary task now is to enlarge the user base in this basis are eligible to set up your revenue model. The future introduction of value-added services, like Tencent, many of them are free, but some value-added service charges. For listing, Zhou Hongyi frankly do not have the idea. "Listing does not mean success, many companies reluctant public, after the non-operational support, to become a shell. Listing of business support, if not, the final will be prodding. Or should the user based on the deeper roots."

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DVD Converter

DVD Converter is a simple tool, which helps you to convert your DVD video files from DVD to another format. You can convert DVD video to: MPEG (*.mpg, *.mpeg); AVI, YUV, DIVX (*.avi). If you have DivX codec installed on your computer, you can convert your DVD to DivX format. To convert video is easy with DVD Converter. DVD Converter allows you to set size of output video file and resolution of output video. You also can create different conversion profiles. Program help includes step by step instructions on how to convert video files.DVD Converter has very user-friendly interface.