Saturday, September 25, 2010

ACDSee make the World Cup with a slide

Just past the 2002 Football World Cup, must bring you to enjoy a happy, exciting game you watch, but also collect a lot of wonderful picture it! If they made a slide, leisure, released in the computer, there will be a different feeling. How, make a right! ACDSee provides a slide show screen saver generator FotoAngelo, use it as your favorite images, photos, create slideshows and screensavers, you can also add background music! Hehe, then we do it together.

STEP1 open FotoAngelo run ACDSee, choose one of your favorite pictures in the computer in the World Cup, and then click on the toolbar of the "Create" button in the tool bar will appear below the "wallpaper", "archive" and six buttons , there is a "FotoAngelo" button, it is a tool used to create slides, click it to enter the main interface FotoAngelo procedures.

Figure 1
STEP2 Select slide image click the "Select Source Folder" button to open the "Browse for folder" window, and then the computer used to create slides to find the folder where image material, click "OK" button to return to the main program interface FotoAngelo . Then in the "Select Image List" window shows the folder of all image files, when you click on an image file when, in the main program interface, the Central will display the image preview, if you think it is the middle of the preview a little small, then, you can click the "Show Images" button to enlarge the picture shown, that this picture is not bad? Click the "Add the selected image" button, the image file to "building image list" window, shown in Figure 1.

Figure 2
STEP3 adjust the image sequence at times, we slide a little bit dissatisfied with the showing of the order, it does not matter, you can adjust. Click the "image sequence" button in the pop up window you can see "Building the image list" in the files of all image thumbnails and picture material arranged in order, the order of if not satisfied, you can use the mouse to drag the thumbnail to the new location, shown in Figure 2, the completion of sorting, click "OK" button to return to the main interface FotoAngelo program.

Figure 3
STEP4 adjust the image attributes in the "building image list" window, select one or a group of image files, and then click the "Image Properties" button to enter the "Image Properties" window, select the "Slide Properties" tab, where you can make the image transition effects and background music settings, FotoAngelo support MID, MP3 and WAV music format of three, click the "Audio File Name" box after the "Choose File" button, from the computer selected a suitable background music file; then click " transitional type "drop-down list, FotoAngelo provide a random transition from left to right, from right to left, fly into a variety of images such as the transition mode, you can choose from a kind, shown in Figure 3.

Figure 4
Click the "Slide Text" tab, in the "text" box, enter the number of required text for slide show on the screen when, for example "2002 World Cup commemorative" lost a good and click "Select Font" button to Select an appropriate text font, and then to the right of "Text here", select "vertical" and "level" can, in Figure 4.

Click the "Default Properties" tab, where you can set the zoom the image, the system's default value is "default", if you want to modify, remove the "Use default settings" option, then you can reasonably set. You can also play on the playback time and the background image set, shown in Figure 5;

Figure 5
Satisfied? Click the "Start Preview" button, here you can see the actual playback. Complete files of all image material properties settings, click "OK" button to return to the main interface FotoAngelo program.

STEP5 set the slide properties You can select "Create a slide" or "Create a screen saver", if you choose to create slides, you can click the "Slideshow Properties" button, then set up the properties dialog box , where you can manually slide play, continuous play, the mouse is displayed and playback window size set; If you choose the latter, click the "Screen Saver Properties" button, also select "Create a screen saver file ( . scr) "or" create an executable installation package (. exe) ", choice is completed, click" OK "button in the main program interface return to the FotoAngelo.

Click Click FotoAngelo slide STEP6 create the main program interface, "preview" button, FotoAngelo will you make the screen saver file or slide show preview of the file, if satisfied, then you can save, and click "Create" button and selected Save the path and save the file file name, click the "Save" button, save the progress when the end, click "OK" button, a slide on the tournament completed by you, create your own, quick to see it!

The slide you can send to your friends to see Oh, the fans, it created an EXE file, to play, just double-click the file to.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adjust the animation in the size of Authorware

1. Matchmaking

With digital cinema icon or other tools in the flow line into a movie, then drag a display icon to the icon on the animation front, double-click the Display icon and the icon in the display window using the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle (Figure 1 ).

Figure 1 Flowchart

2. Diversionary

Just make a good running program, animation starts to play, while the window will display a rectangle. Then, Double click the rectangle, and so on around the rectangle appears when the control handle, and then mouse click animation pictures, animation will be selected in the animation control handles appear around the screen, the mouse pointer into a control handle on, drag the mouse, this animation will change the screen size (Figure 2).

Figure 2 to change the animation size

3. Burning bridges

Process display icon only play online role transition, then we have succeeded in adjusting the size of the animation picture, its mission is finished, it should be removed from the process line.

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