Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why is throwing money at very odd tiger VC Zhou Hongyi good "Fudge"?

Former Yahoo China president Zhou Hongyi doomed angel investor is a restless person. Coming out for the odd tiger 360 Technologies chairman of him again as a family suddenly start to the Computer Anti-Virus industry to subversive impact.

Zhou Hongyi told this reporter that the company's 360 security guards has officially launched version 6.0 of the technology model to subvert the market currently dominated two decades of stand-alone anti-virus software, and the "thank VC's optimistic and support, relying on VC have Injection abundant funds, we will continue to adhere to a free model of the product. "in March 2006, the formal establishment of less than 100 days from the odd tiger by Sequoia Capital, CDH Ventures, IDG, Matrix Partener several other top venture The 20 million U.S. dollars of investment. After an interval of 8 months, once again, Highland Capital odd tiger, red dot investment venture of several million U.S. dollars investment.

Thus, the odd tiger full access to around 5,000 million U.S. dollars financial support, there is, is promising a lot of VC Zhou Hongyi perseverance and ingenuity in the acting route. The past two years, odd tiger into the antivirus market, relying on its 360 security guards and anti-hooligan software free banner quickly occupied 200 000 000 2 user market.

"On the one hand, traditional virus signatures are required in the scanning and monitoring features of libraries to write computer memory, the greater the feature database, the system was dragged more slowly, feature base their download speeds are slower to upgrade, antivirus software with features carrying a shell like a turtle database, how to run fast? "said Zhou Hongyi," In addition, the Internet every second of the two new Trojans, feature base killing the engine, therefore find it hard to killing a new Trojan horse, and a large number of Trojan horse is After the so-called 'free to kill' tools for traditional anti-virus software does not recognize. "

Weeks to put forward a model of its new technology: "It abandoned the traditional anti-virus software" engine + features library "architecture, eliminating the local characteristics of the user's computer database, and server 360 safety data centers security of the world's largest cloud system. as long as the user access, you can real-time secure data center and cloud 5000 seamlessly integrates servers, using the latest Trojan library on your server computer scanning and killing. "

However, Zhou Hongyi the so-called "subversive" anti-virus technology model has also incurred other vendors, "bombarded." Recently, Kingsoft Internet Security company COO Wang Xingong Open Response: As early as two years ago, professional security firm to put the introduction of distributed computing security. The 360 odd tiger open to "the domestic first cloud killing the engine," and who is wrong. Internet security industry, blindly raise themselves, suppressing others, will only upset the market atmosphere.

Since the free, how to profit? Zhou Hongyi said in answer to question, although the money has been spent on 100 million and acquired 45 companies, but not too early to consider the revenue and profit model, the primary task now is to enlarge the user base in this basis are eligible to set up your revenue model. The future introduction of value-added services, like Tencent, many of them are free, but some value-added service charges. For listing, Zhou Hongyi frankly do not have the idea. "Listing does not mean success, many companies reluctant public, after the non-operational support, to become a shell. Listing of business support, if not, the final will be prodding. Or should the user based on the deeper roots."

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