Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adjust the animation in the size of Authorware

1. Matchmaking

With digital cinema icon or other tools in the flow line into a movie, then drag a display icon to the icon on the animation front, double-click the Display icon and the icon in the display window using the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle (Figure 1 ).

Figure 1 Flowchart

2. Diversionary

Just make a good running program, animation starts to play, while the window will display a rectangle. Then, Double click the rectangle, and so on around the rectangle appears when the control handle, and then mouse click animation pictures, animation will be selected in the animation control handles appear around the screen, the mouse pointer into a control handle on, drag the mouse, this animation will change the screen size (Figure 2).

Figure 2 to change the animation size

3. Burning bridges

Process display icon only play online role transition, then we have succeeded in adjusting the size of the animation picture, its mission is finished, it should be removed from the process line.

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